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Tips to Spice Up Your Work Setup At Home

Tips to Spice Up Your Work Setup At Home

The amount of responsibilities and to-do lists of most didn’t exactly change just because more people are stationed to work from home. There will be days when you feel stuck in a routine, and usually you’d look for variation to continuously inspire and motivate yourself.  And since majority of the work week is spent at home, adapting new habits and practices might help turn the mundane days into something to look forward to.

Give any of these three tips a try to boost your motivation and make your days at home more exciting.

Tip 1: Make your workspace inspiring

Having your work space at home match your personal style can spark the drive in you. Surrounding yourself with things you like – whether to look at or to actually use for work – can help make you feel excited to tackle your to-do lists.

If you’re someone who like bright places and scenic views, you can opt to have your work desk near a window overlooking into the garden to enjoy shades of green since it can help remove strain from the eyes. Or if you like to keep things organized, keep your desk free of clutter and only have your essentials – like notebook and highlighters – within arm’s reach.

You can search for setup ideas online, or keep things simple and easy to put away for when the day ends. If you have a lot of time in your hands, you can change your setup weekly by moving a few things around. The important thing is to work in an environment that allows you to be inspired and productive.

Tip 2: Prepare a focusing playlist

There are people who enjoy working with music because it helps them with their productivity. If you’re someone who is comfortable accomplishing your tasks while music is blasting, you can keep things fun and exciting by putting together playlists for each day of the week.

And if you’re someone who gets easily distracted by loud music, you can opt for a jazz or lo-fi, to help you focus. There are lot of playlists you can listen to online depending on your mood and preference, just to mix things up. Working in total silence for long periods of time can bum you out and make the hours feel even longer.

Playing some soft music or white noise – like chatter, or machine whirrs, can even make you feel as if you’re working from a café.

Tip 3: Have snacks and drinks ready

On most busy days, some people take their heavy meals later to keep their momentum going, or they just plainly forget to eat. In times like this, it’s best to have snacks at the ready, so make sure your pantries are stocked.

And because coffee is a good work or study drink, grab yourself a bottle of Great Taste Iced Coffee Vanilla Latte for an instant perk me up! You can even opt to drink it from your favorite mug to complete that coffee-shop vibe.

Your work days at home doesn’t have to be done in a routine, you can switch things up every now and then to have something to look forward to. Make your busy days bearable and memorable with Great Taste Iced Coffee Vanilla Latte -- a creamy, milky, and ready-to drink coffee. It’s café-quality with its distinctive notes of vanilla, but definitely wallet-friendly. You can get your daily dose of caffeine every sip of Great Taste Iced Coffee Vanilla.

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