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Tips on Staying Productive while Working Remotely

Working from home used to be a dream for some people. But it has become necessary and for most, has become the norm. And doing remote work has its perks! Not worrying about the rush hour commute; no added expense of eating out; not thinking too much of what to wear, and a whole lot more! 

However, this setup can be draining for some people, especially those who find it hard to balance both work and personal life.  

Some, if not most, may find it exhausting to stay in the house after finishing their daily shift, some may easily get annoyed by the sound of pets and poultry (which by the way are quiet except during meetings!). There are also those who struggle focusing due to distractions in their homes such as the mere sight of their bed! 

With a lot of simple distractions within the house, here are some tips to help you prepare for busy weeks while working from home.  

1. Dedicate a designated workspace 

If you don’t have a designated home office, this could be on one side of your living room, a corner of your house, a nook in your bedroom, or even a part of your kitchen! Designate an official place where you work so your body can differentiate your time for work and your time for relaxing or household chores. 


2. Work overtime only when necessary 

It’s hard for some to separate their work time from their personal time. Working extended hours every day can cause burnout, and more often than not, this leads to unproductivity. Maintain a healthy work-life balance, and you’ll definitely get the most out of both worlds. 


3. Review your work calendar in advance 

It’s always better to know what you’ve got in store for the day so you can stay prepared. Mark your calendar for important dates, and review them before starting work. Having an organized schedule to track all your deadlines, meetings, and presentations is a huge help in making sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way. 


4. Make sure you’re well rested 

Get a good night’s sleep! Waking up after a complete and relaxing sleep can definitely lighten up your mornings and give you more energy for your work! In the morning, do a routine before going to work to help your body transition from your home to your work. You could take a warm bath and eat your favorite breakfast! 

You can also go with a morning exercise routine to jumpstart your day! Make sure to grab a Nice & Natural Choco Almond Nut Bar to load up on protein and fiber for that extra push! 


5. Don’t forget to take breaks 

Allow yourself to take mini breaks in between your daily activities! By taking a breather, you stay motivated, which in turn helps you achieve all your goals for the day. Drink your water and grab some snacks! 

You’ve earned it, treat yourself to a Nice & Natural Mixed Berry Nut Bar to reward yourself with healthy and yummy snacks for your hard work!

There are more ways to make sure you’re prepared for work, whether it be a busy week or not. Working from home is a new concept for most of the workforce. Ask for tips from your family, friends, and colleagues! Don’t forget to share with them what you learned too! 

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