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The Importance of Getting a well-rounded Healthy Boost - Robinsons Supermarket

The Importance of Getting a well-rounded Healthy Boost

This ongoing pandemic has forced everyone to go into lockdown and stay indoors for the past year or so – something we’re definitely NOT used to doing. More than not being able to do outdoor activities, this situation has also negatively affected our well-being whether it be mentally, emotionally, or socially.

As we face each day, we need to look for ways to improve our overall well-being even at home. We’ve listed below some tips to get you that well-rounded boost so you can slay the challenges of today!

1. Physical: Treat Your Body Well

  • Make sure that you always intake Vitamin-rich food and drinks that will help boost your immunity. Keeping your diet healthy is key, but it’s also important to find that balance between eating what you love and eating what your body needs. Look for healthier alternatives to your favorite snack and drinks like the new B’lue Vitaboost, a refreshing drink that is both healthy and flavorful with its combination of Vit. C and B Vitamins and its less sugar* content.
  • Just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean that your outdoor exercise routines are cancelled. There are a lot of ways to level up your indoor fitness activities such as joining Yoga and HIIT virtual classes led by expert trainers, or even trying out unique sports like Bakasana and Krav Maga to make it more interesting.
  • If running is more of your thing, you can spice up your routine by tuning in to virtual “Run With Me” videos from all over the globe. Be transported to a different world and get to do some sight-seeing without that extra cost!

2. Mental: Put Yourself First

  • Don’t forget to take a break once in a while, there’s no need to overwork yourself since you have the freedom to set your own boundaries and space. Know when’s the best time to be productive, and when it’s okay to rest and focus on yourself.
  • To help your mental well-being and bring clarity, you can also explore meditation or read up on some self-help books. Learning a new language and trying out unique hobbies you’ve never done before can also help you to discover more about yourself.

3. Emotional: Attract Positive Vibes

  • Like what they say, manifestation is real. So only attract good energy by being optimistic and thinking bigger and better possibilities outside of the current situation. Watch feel-good movies, join virtual concerts of your favorite artists, or simply indulge on your comfort meals that spark joy and happiness.
  • It’s also healthy to vent out your feelings by talking to your loved ones, or even keeping a journal where you can release all of your stresses.

4. Social: Be Connected Online!

  • Though we’re stuck at home, we’re still able to re-connect and build relationships online. Catch up with old pals through a classic movie session, or you can even be creative by holding game nights. Expand your social circle by joining online communities and interacting with other users from around the globe who share the same interest as yours.
  • Routine with the family feels repetitive already? Search the net and discover new activities online which you can try out with the family – whether it be trying to whip up the latest trendy food item, or maybe following a TikTok dance challenge.

Get a well-rounded boost today with the new B’lue Vitaboost. A refreshing and flavorful drink which is a high source of Vitamin C and a source of B Vitamins to help you face the challenges of today! Drink up today:

For more tips and the latest updates, head to B’lue Philippines’ official Facebook Page:

*vs. previous formulation; for Calamansi and Lychee 500ml variants

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