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Taste the Joy of Soy: Why You Should Switch to Soy Milk - Robinsons Supermarket

Taste the Joy of Soy: Why You Should Switch to Soy Milk

Those looking for nutritious and yummy soy milk can now taste the joy of soy with Vitasoy Plus Milky.

People who switch to soy milk are often after its health benefits, while others still think it might not suit their personal taste preferences. Those looking for nutritious and yummy soy milk can now taste the joy of soy with Vitasoy Plus Milky, a product of Vitasoy-Universal Robina Corporation (VURC). Made with the finest ingredients, it delivers the natural goodness of soy; but with the milky taste, creamy texture, and healthy benefits, reminiscent of the milk experience one grew up with.

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why it’s soy good for you.

1. Soy milk offers a distinct milky taste

Vitasoy Plus Milky’s carefully crafted formula and special production process give it that milky taste and creamy texture, differentiating it from other soy milk products. It offers the same milk experience as your regular milk, even vegans can’t believe it’s plant-based!

Because of its special milky formula, Vitasoy Plus Milky can be enjoyed in several ways – as a beverage, paired with a breakfast meal, or as an ingredient to kitchen recipes. For vegan family and YouTube content creators Team Malunggay, this creamy soy milk drink is a tasty alternative to dairy. Daddy Stephen and Mommy Jeremiah even made vegan halo-halo, milky mango sago, and banana bread using Vitasoy Plus Milky -- and their daughter Stevia loved the rich and creamy taste!


2. Soy much of the good stuff

Drinking one glass of Vitasoy Plus Milky comes with nutritious benefits. It’s high in calcium that helps keep bones and muscles strong. Plus, it’s a reliable source of quality, plant-based protein that can help provide one’s energy needs.

This creamy soy milk is also good for the heart since it has zero cholesterol, low in saturated fat, and only has 2.4% sugar per serving. All these help in keeping the body healthy, and building immunity against diseases.

For lactose-intolerant dairy-lovers, Vitasoy Plus Milky can help satisfy milky cravings. Because it has zero lactose, anyone can be worry-free from tummy pains while enjoying the creamy goodness of soy milk.

Now, healthy can definitely be tasty with Vitasoy Plus Milky! Know more about Vitasoy Plus Milky by visiting www.facebook.com/VitasoyPH/ today.

Shop here: https://supermarket.gorobinsons.ph/collections/vitasoy-blog

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