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Start your Family Pasta day for a Healthier Mind and Lifestyle

As the world adjusts through the challenging experience we were thrust in, it’s extra important to make the best of our days, even while staying at home. Enjoy your days and indulge in healthier choices, be it in food or in life altogether – especially as a family.

Bonding through food is one of the best ways to be healthy as a family. You can start by making good food choices, or by adding more delicious pasta dishes in your merienda. Since pasta is both flavorful and easy to prepare, you and your family can consider doing a Family Pasta Day! Make your pasta salu-salo even more special by using El Real Pasta – you’re to experience Sarap, Sulit and Sustansya with every plate.  

Here are some reasons why starting a Family Pasta Day can also contribute to a healthier mind and lifestyle.


1. Bond with the Fam

Starting and encouraging your family to have a Pasta Day will be a new opportunity to strengthen your bond as a unit. Scheduling or at least making a habit of including a Pasta Day in your family lifestyle once every month will allow you to relax and catch up with each other’s lives.

Since the world’s been limited to permit family vacations and quick outings, a lot of people have busied themselves with work and adjusting to attending classes in a home set-up. And what most of us need is to have time with our loved ones – to rest, talk, play games, and most importantly to eat together.

Now Pasta Day is even more possible with the use of El Real Pastabilities website. You can explore new recipes and even discover how to spruce up specialty recipes. With the possibility of never running out of pasta recipes, every Family Pasta Day will be even more memorable and exciting!


2. Enjoy Healthy Pasta

Pasta can be good for your body. It can be a source of additional energy and can help lower cholesterol, and not to mention, it’s easy to prepare! Knowing that there are a handful of health benefits can be gained with pasta, having a Family Pasta Day in your weekend bonding can serve as a reminder that you can be healthy even as you enjoy other favorite meals. Staying healthy doesn’t always mean consuming all vegetables and fruits. With a proper balance of healthy food and flavorful meals, you and your family can still stay healthy while enjoying other dishes.

A lot of healthier food can have duller taste, but with now you can serve hearty dishes of pasta bursting with flavor. With El Real Spaghetti, you can have the best of both worlds! The El Real Spaghetti has infused carrots and malunggay bits in the pasta, making it a good source of iron, protein, fiber and vitamin-A, without sacrificing the flavors of your favorite pasta dishes.


3. Have A Good Time

Staying at home and performing your daily activities can get stiff and dull. Spice things up by adding a fun and new activity into your routine. Planning for a Pasta Day can make your days or week exciting, especially with all the recipes you can try and learn through the El Real Pastabilities website.

Whether you’re hoping to explore new ones or recreate your favorites, El Real Pasta can be your partner in the kitchen. It offers a variety of noodles that can cater to your every craving, and allow you to enjoy Pasta Day without feeling guilty for cheating on your diet. Since El Real Pasta is packed with iron, protein, fiber and vitamin-A, you can enjoy healthy flavorful meals every time.

Different and unique combinations of ingredients for El Real Pasta is perfect for showing the possibilities of discovering something great in simple things.

With El Real Pasta, you can bond and stay healthy without any problems! Enjoy Lechon Paksiw Pasta and Baby Back Ribs Spaghetti with Pineapple if you’re into meat, or Seafood Pomodoro and Squid Ink Pasta for the seafood lovers. If you’re looking for something healthier, indulge on some guilt-free Healthy Laing Pasta or maybe the Asian Kung Pao Chicken Pasta. And if you’re up for it, you can also try making Beef and Oxtail Kare-Kare Pasta or Caldereta Pasta.

Make sure you always check in with your family and let them feel the togetherness by making pasta for them and with them. Enjoy Sarap, Sulit, Sustansya every Family Pasta Day.

For more recipes like these, you may choose from an unlimited list of recipes in our website, El Real Pastabilities. Have a Happy and Healthy Pasta Day!

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