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Mood Boosting Activities That Bring The Happy Feels

Being cooped up at home for days on end may significantly affect your mood. Especially if some of the activities you used to do to unwind may not be as accessible as you’ve been used to. But don’t worry! Staying indoors can’t stop you from getting the happy feels you deserve.

We’ve prepared three different activities you can do with your favorite people to help keep the good vibes rolling!


1) Explore The World

If you’re missing the feeling of discovering new places and sights, you can actually still experience traveling again right at home.

Travel the whole world virtually through mobile map applications. Some have unique and special features that put must-see sights, such as wild safari rides and even the glorious Northern Lights, literally right at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in the virtual experience of traveling the world again through photographs stitched together into 360-degree images for a realistic view of each location.

If it’s a blast from the past that you’re looking for, invite your friends to visit exhibits and museums all over the world — online! Block off your schedules and dress up as a tourist to get into the feel of the moment.  

You can even invite your friends to do these activities with you, or you can enjoy it by yourself. And since almost every tour consists of a remarkable food experience, a yummy drink that matches the excitement is highly suggested. Grab a bottle of C2 Milk Tea Wintermelon, for that 100% natural tea and real creamy milk goodness.


2) Jam Along To Online Concerts

Music has the ability to uplift your mood. Most of the time, people tend to listen to music when they’re stressed. Having your favorite playlists blaring through the speakers, and singing at the top of your lungs, can be a good stress reliever.

Now you can level it up by attending virtual concerts. There are a lot of organizations and mobile applications that will allow you to experience live concerts right at home. Invite your closest friends and get ready to fangirl or fanboy over your favorite artists. Good thing you can use a bottle of C2 Milk Tea Chocolate not only as a refreshment, but as a makeshift microphone for when you sing along to your favorite songs! 


3) Take Group Games To The Next Level

If your friend group is into solving puzzles and escape rooms, don’t worry because with the help of technology and the internet, you can now enjoy a game night at home.

Send an e-invite to your barkada, prepare your notebook (to list down clues and points), and grab your thinking cap. There are a lot of different group activities you can find online; some even allow a customized gaming room based on your interests.

Let the sweet taste of C2 Milk Tea Caramel boost your brain power and fighting spirit. You better keep a bottle right beside you and get ready for the ultimate virtual bonding experience!

It’s important to allow yourself to explore and enjoy different activities, especially when you’ve been under a lot of stress. To help lighten your mood, give yourself and your favorite buddies a boost of happy feels through these virtual activities and some C2 Milk Tea! Don’t forget to document the fun with barkada selfies and use the C2 Milk Tea stickers.

Shop for a bottle or two here and discover more about the irresistible flavors of C2 Milk Tea in Facebook.

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