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Merienda Time with Magic: Why Snacking is Important for Kids


Children are continuously growing and learning and it seems that they need to have high amounts of energy to fuel them for the day. Not only that, they also have to receive their required amount of daily nutrients. This way, they get to have support for their body growth and brain development.

Keep in mind, however, that we should not limit our kids to three square meals a day. When it comes to children, especially if you’re nursing toddlers, this approach will not meet their needs. That’s where snacking will come in. Listed below are the top reasons why snacking is important for your kids.


1) Snacking manages kids’ energy levels.

Do you want to face a hungry kid lingering beside you? Of course not! The hungrier they are, the lower their energy is, the crankier they get, and this is something we want to avoid. That’s why it is ideal for your child to eat two to three snacks per day - one in the mid-morning, one in the mid-afternoon, and one before dinner (if you’ll be having late dinner!). Snacking in between main meals manage their hunger and energy.

Always remember as well that children have small stomachs. They do not have the ability to consume the same quantity of food that an adult can and the white space here is being filled up by snacking.


2) Snacking supports academic success.

According to research, academic performance and nutrition are linked. If your child’s belly is full, they get to concentrate more on the job they’re tasked to do. Snacking provides children with enough nutrients to develop their brain and it directly correlates to academic success.


3) Snacking promotes socialization.

Snacking time is usually the perfect time for your kids to socialize with other kids. You may bring them for a tea party or a simple play date, and it’s already a big win for them. Spending time with children their age improves their emotional quotient which is helpful as they grow along.

They also learn the value of sharing in this scenario. This is the perfect opportunity for the parents to teach this mindset which they can apply both in school and at home.


4) Snacking presentation encourages them to eat.

Admit it or not, it’s pretty difficult to interest your children with food especially during the main meals. They feel like the boring colors of the dishes correlate to bland taste. With the exciting and playful colors of most snackick presentations, they are more encouraged to consume this as compared to the normal meals.

At the same time, they see snacks as a treat for them. This is the perfect opportunity to let them experiment with different food.

If you don’t know which snack to offer to your kid, make sure to try out Jack ‘n Jill Magic Creams, crunchy crackers that come with Linamyum Palaman cream filling – Chocolate, Butter, Condensada, Peanut Butter, and now with a new flavor, Cheese.

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