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Make your Holiday Traditions Healthier and Happier

The Christmas season is usually marked with caroling children, Simbang Gabi, colorful parols and Christmas lights. With the world undergoing challenging times in the past year or so, holiday traditions have definitely changed as well. Even though going outdoors for a long period of time and flying out for vacations are not advisable at the moment, you can still enjoy the holidays with your family at home.

Traditions make the holiday experience more enjoyable for all ages. Filipino families are most especially excited to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones even if it means creating new traditions.

Here are some ways to make your holiday traditions happier and even healthier!

1. Noche Buena

We can all agree that Noche Buena is everyone’s favorite tradition – it’s a time to share home-cooked meals with your loved ones. Salu-salo has always been a big part of the holiday season for every house-hold, wherein bonding over delicious putahe and favorite desserts makes for a very memorable family bonding.

And this year, you can still enjoy the same tradition and make it even healthier for the entire family. With El Real being packed with iron, protein, fiber, and vitamin-A, your salu-salo is both fun and full of sustansya.

Enjoy your favorite dishes with El Real Healthy Spaghetti! Check how you can put a twist in your specialties with the recipes from El Real Pastabilities website. Now you can include Pork Belly Pasta or the Grilled Chicken Macaroni Salad that will both definitely make for a lovely and sumptuous Christmas feast.

2. Gift Giving

This is usually the kids’ favorite part of the Holidays (apart from being able to stay up late during this time of the year) – receiving gifts! As part of the tradition, unwrapping Christmas gifts will happen as the clock strikes midnight.

Throughout the years, people have not only gotten even more creative with their gifts, some have been going for the practical ones. During the holidays, older couples would be giving away gift baskets filled with biscuits, beverage, pasta and sauces, to their friends and loved ones. Even at work, employees are given Christmas-themed frozen food. This makes for an exciting gift as much as other items, since it can be used to cook your favorite dishes for a family salu-salo.

If you’re thinking of gifts to give to your seniors – Tita, In-Laws and neighbors – there are a lot of pre-bundled gift baskets in the supermarket. But you can also choose to create your own using hand-picked products that can be enjoyed by your friends and loved ones. With pasta dishes being common in Christmas feast, you can include El Real Pasta in your gift basket. It not only makes for a delicious pasta, but healthy as well – packed with iron, protein, fiber, and vitamin-A.


As you countdown the days to Christmas, get into the holiday spirit by creating snacks you and your family can enjoy! You can even recreate the famous sushi bake with El Real’s Elbow Macaroni for a quick merienda.

This season, step up your Holiday traditions in a healthier manner with a little creativity and with the help of El Real Pasta. For additional and new recipes to try out, visit El Real Pastabilities website to explore more pasta dishes.

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