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How to Enjoy Small Rewards Everyday

Got up early to prepare your breakfast before starting work or online classes? Worked out for at least 30 minutes today? Ticked off all the tasks in your to-do list? Or merely got up, got dressed, and showed up where you needed to be?

No matter how small, these are still wins that deserve to be celebrated! You deserve to reward yourself for being your awesome self everyday! It doesn’t have to be through something big. But if you need ideas, here are some tips on how to enjoy small rewards every day.


1. Order in

Sometimes you need to take a break from cooking meals and indulge by ordering your comfort food for dinner. You’ve already spent the whole day working/ studying so you deserve this slow night to enjoy that meal you’ve been craving for. Plus, when you order in, you won’t need to wash any dishes!


2. Give yourself a DIY spa session

Since we’re talking about slowing down, how about a DIY spa session at home? Light some candles, play some relaxing music,t ake a long bath or shower, lather on some body butter or lotion, put on a (skincare) face mask, and just be in that moment. No need to go out to experience relaxation, you can give yourself TLC right in the comfort of your own home


3. Reward yourself with a chocolatey treat

You don’t really have to wait for the end of the day or week to reward yourself. You should reward yourself daily during breaks and in between tasks for extra motivation. But of course, it shouldn’t just be any treat, it has to be delicious, luscious, and oh so chocolatey – so reward yourself with Cream-O Premium! It’s got just the right balance of sweetness with its bittersweet cookie and cream-filling combination, made more enjoyable by its melt-in-your-mouth chocolate coating. Every bite is filled with delicious chocolate goodness! Now that’s a chocolate treat you deserve every day, anytime, anywhere!


4. Binge watch your favorite series

Finish up a busy week by bringing out your favorite snacks, lounging on your couch, and binge watching your favorite series all-night long! Go ahead and wrap yourself in a blanket for that couch burrito moment and usher in the weekend by crying, laughing, or getting kilig over your all-time favorite TV show.


5. Sing your heart out

Miss karaoke nights with friends after a long day’s work? There are actually tons of karaoke videos online, just search your favorite karaoke songs and sing the stress away!

It’s even more fun at home because you can dance like crazy while singing your heart out because no one’s watching you anyway! That’s taking the sayings “sing like no one’s listening” and “dance like no one’s watching” literally!


Having something to look forward to after a task, no matter how small, makes it so much easier to stick to routines and keep motivated. If you’ve got other ideas, just go for it because you deserve to reward yourself even for those small wins!

Treat yourself, you deserve it! Shop here:

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