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Going Dairy-Free: What’s All The Fuss About? - Robinsons Supermarket

Going Dairy-Free: What’s All The Fuss About?

A lot of us are absolute dairy lovers. After all, who can resist a refreshing glass of cold milk in the morning, or soothing warm milk before bed time? How about a bowl of your favorite cereals or a relaxing cup of coffee drink with just the right amount of milk?

But did you know that 65% of people become lactose intolerant as they grow into adulthood? Lactose, a sugar that can be found in milk, can only be broken down by an enzyme called “lactase.” Being lactose-intolerant means your body does not have enough lactase to be able to properly digest dairy milk, sometimes leading to tummy aches, bloating, and gas.

Luckily, milk alternatives like Vitasoy Plus Milky allow even lactose intolerants to enjoy the same milk experience as drinking dairy milk! Aside from being milky and creamy, Vitasoy Plus Milky is also high in calcium and packed with protein!

Need more convincing? Here are more reasons to go dairy-free with Vitasoy Plus Milky!


1. Yummy way to prevent diseases

Be good to your heart! Most dairy products we consume and love may have high amounts of sugar and saturated fat. Too much sugar may lead to diabetes; while saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart problems and stroke.

Vitasoy Plus Milky is low in saturated fat and has only 2.4% sugar per serving. These benefits aid in preventing cardiovascular diseases and increased blood sugar levels. So go ahead and grab a glass of Vitasoy Plus Milky now!


2. Helps keep heart and bones healthy

Be good to your body! Did you know that drinking one serving of Vitasoy Plus Milky provides almost half the body’s daily calcium requirement? Vitasoy Plus Milky is high in calcium which helps keep bones, teeth, and muscles strong.It’s also free from cholesterol, which helps in preventing chest pains, stroke, and heart problems.

Who would have thought we’d get all that dairy-free goodness from soy milk?!


3. Aids in better digestion

Be good to your stomach! Choosing dairy-free milk drinks such as Vitasoy Plus Milky allows you to enjoy that milky and creamy goodness you grew up with without having to worry about gas, bloating, and tummy aches.Worry less about your tummy while getting that milky taste you are craving for!  

Heres an added bonus: It’s better for the planet!

Be good to mother earth! Vitasoy Plus Milky is your environmentally-friendly protein source. Producing soy milk like Vitasoy Plus Milky requires less water and land, and emits less greenhouse gasses than producing other animal protein sources. Vitasoy and all its product offerings allow you to lower the environmental impact of what you drink and eat!

Going dairy-free is surprisingly easy especially when you’ve got a creamy and healthy alternative like Vitasoy Plus Milky. So go ahead and make the switch! Your body and the environment will thank you for it!

Let’s build a real good life in a real good world!

Shop here: https://supermarket.gorobinsons.ph/collections/vitasoy-blog

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