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Four Activities To Try For A Great Family Bonding Time - Robinsons Supermarket

Four Activities To Try For A Great Family Bonding Time

Staying at home allows time for more family bonding, whether it’s by doing simple activities such as watching movies or munching on home-cooked meals together. Bonding with your family is a good way to unwind after a productive day. From time to time, it’s good to break away from the predictable and try out new things together.

Here are some activities that can shake up your family’s bonding routine.

1. Board games

Since everything’s mostly online now, why not revisit classic and old-school board games that you can play? You can form teams, think of crazy fun consequences or even put up simple prizes to make it more exciting. The rewards can be as simple as no chores for the week or prepare a small goodie bag with sweet treats.


2. Music Night

A lot of families love to sing and find connection with their family through music. You don’t need any high-end set up to do fun-filled music night—just get your mobile phone or laptop and speakers, and you’re good to go!

Team up with your siblings and play guess the lyrics with your parents to make it more fun!


3. Sports and Fitness

For families who bond over physical activities, this one’s for you. If you’re more into fitness, you can invite your family members, even the young ones, to join. Try something new and grab a hula hoop or a jump rope, then set up a contest with your family as your morning bonding time x workout. Person with the highest score can be exempted from doing chores for a week. Start your day right by working out with your family!


4. Leveled Up Breakfast

For you to be able to get into these activities in a big way, jump start your day with the newest addition to the Nissin Ramen family, Nissin Ramen Garlic Pork Tonkotsu! A hearty breakfast can help you and your family enjoy your bonding moments even more. You can buy Nissin Ramen Garlic Pork Tonkotsu online at Robinsons Supermarket.

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