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Five Enjoyable Ways to Start My Family’s Morning

Five Enjoyable Ways to Start My Family’s Morning

Some people struggle in getting up and being productive in the morning, even with a busy schedule ahead. If your loved ones are not a morning person, they will most likely dawdle before going about their day. But for some moms, they don’t get to enjoy another minute or so in bed in the morning since they need to prepare and wake the family up.

Make the most out of your morning by hyping yourself up, and by getting everyone excited to go through their day.

Here are five ways you can try to improve your and your family’s morning routine.:

Whip out a stylish wardrobe

Do a quick 5 to 10-minute self-care routine to get yourself ready and presentable. And depending on your lifestyle, you can choose a cute and stylish get up, or go for something cozy and comfortable. Wearing a favorite outfit – something that makes you feel pretty and confident – can help you check-off every item on your daily to-do list.

Play some good vibes music

To signal the start of the day, and still keep everyone relaxed, you can play some background music. It doesn’t have to be in a loud volume, just enough so your mornings wouldn’t be filled with silence. You can find upbeat and feel-good playlists online so the family can feel energized.

Prepare the home/work home setups

While waiting for the coffee pot, you can do a quick sweep of the checklist with your kids to check if the books and other things they will need for the day are ready. It will also be a good time to get a head start in recharging the gadgets in time for the kids’ online classes. If your family is in a blended learning or hybrid work setup, you can double check their bags together.

Play a mini energizer

Encourage your kids to participate in a mini game before breakfast. Have each member of the family roll a dice, wherein each number has a corresponding morning task. Go for something simple, like setting up the table for the family breakfast, feeding the family’s pets, or waking up the rest of his or her siblings. You can keep it exciting by replacing the dice with a paper by the refrigerator, and have the kids cover their eyes and blindly select a reward – their favorite dessert after breakfast, or additional school money – by bringing their finger onto one of the squares printed on the paper. With these simple, yet fun activities, you can help inspire your family to achieve their individual goals for the day.

Start an exciting breakfast routine

To make your breakfast routine more fun and filled with good vibes, you can add themes to your breakfast – like Pinoy breakfast would be composed of a freshly baked pandesal with some scrambled eggs. Or do Japanese-themed meal with an authentic ramen with Nissin Ramen Creamy Seafood one of these days. Switching things up can give the family something to look forward to in the morning.

Family morning routines are flexible, you can choose to go all out, or do a simpler one, depending on what suits your household best. The important thing is to get every member of the family on-board so you can enjoy your breakfast bonding time even more!

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