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Easy Ways to Make Merienda with the Family ‘Xtra’ Special

Easy Ways to Make Merienda with the Family ‘Xtra’ Special

Afternoon merienda enjoyed with the family is so important. It is a time for the whole family to sit together and bond with each other. To make family merienda xtra special without having to spend too much, try these simple and wais tips!

Get your daily noon-time show fix

Get your family together and enjoy family-friendly shows during merienda time. The adults can tune-in to some afternoon teleserye drama, while the young ones can watch their favorite cartoons. To make it more fun and interactive, you can play different guessing games to quiz each other about the shows you watch.

Organize a game or set up a challenge

Bring out playing cards or board games and make afternoons something your whole family can get excited about! Another idea is to create a challenge. If the teens get easily distracted by their phones, do the no-phone challenge. Everyone puts their phone in a bowl and the first one to use theirs gets a penalty!

Have a family sharing session

Start a meaningful family tradition that brings everyone closer. Once everyone is seated, lead a sharing session by asking each family member to share their highs and lows for the day or what they’re most thankful for right now.

Do a casual “potluck”

Who says you need your entire extended family for a potluck? Set up your mini “family reunion” with the ones who already live with you! For this casual potluck, each member of the family will have to bring something to the table. For example, mom is in charge of the main snack, the kids can choose and mix the drinks, and then dad preps a simple panghimagas.

Make family-favorite merienda that’s good for sharing

Prepare merienda food that you know the whole family will enjoy, and make sure it’s for sharing to make this time an xtra special bonding moment. Our suggestion: cook Payless Pancit Canton Xtra Big Kalamansi! This family-favorite snack is a good choice because its Xtra Big size means there’s more delicious pancit to go around! Plus, it's also xtra generous when it comes to taste and xtra affordable!

Time to make your afternoon merienda with the family xtra special with Payless Pancit Canton Xtra Big Kalamansi! There’s even a flavor for every member of the family – Xtra Hot, Chilimansi, and Sweet & Spicy, for the spicy-food-loving parents, ate and kuya; and Kalamansi and Original flavors for bunso.

Payless Pancit Canton Xtra Big Kalamansi is available in Robinsons Supermarkets nationwide or online via https://supermarket.gocart.ph/

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