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Crazy Fun Weekend Ideas

Are you looking forward to your weekend but miss going out to do exciting activities? There are a number of ways to unwind during the weekend. Now let’s try to make things more exciting at home with these four crazy and fun ideas you can do on your own or with your whole family!


1. Indoor Glamour Camping aka Indoor Glamping

Turn your home into a glamping site by building a fort! Clear your living room and grab a couple of sheets. Hook them up against the ceiling and let it drape against the floor. You may add binder clips to create that tent shape.

Now that your tent is all set, time to camp! But what’s camping without food, right? Let’s amp up the craziness of this activity and have some Tonkotsu Ramen to warm you up in an instant. Now you can enjoy your favorite Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen with Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Pork Tonkotsu. Just add hot water and in three minutes, add a touch of Japanese feels into your indoor glamping weekend.


2. Treasure hunt 

A competitive treasure hunt game helps you get your mind off that stressful week. Plus, it’s also fun if you choose to play with your family at home! The good part here is whether you’re old or young, you have the same chances of winning! It just depends on how well you strategize.

Will “move fast enough to cover the whole area” or are you the type who will “think and strategize first before moving”? Which one do you think is more effective? Try finding out this weekend when you play it!


3. Food wars

Having a friendly competition at home is quite crazy, especially if it’s a cooking showdown. It brings out the creativity and innovation of each family member in order to win. You won’t even need anything aside from the limited resources you’ve got right at home. One of your family members can be the judge.

You can choose themes from international cuisine or even go as far as anime-inspired dishes. Here is an idea, how about a “level-up your ramen” challenge where each participant will be asked to put a twist to the popular Japanese Ramen? And we have the perfect item for you – Nissin Ramen Garlic Pork Tonkotsu. No need to stress about the preparation because in just 2 minutes, you can have a delicious bowl of Japanese Ramen that will blow the minds of even the pickiest eater in your family.


4. Enter the world of your favorite movie/TV series

At some point, we all want to experience or be part of our favorite movie/series. We always wonder how it feels like to be our favorite character. After a long stressful week at work or online school, why not escape with your family and enter the world of your favorite movie/TV series? Yes, it’s possible even inside the comforts of your home.

Decorate the rooms based on your favorite movie/series, you can even dress up as your favorite character to be further in the zone. After that, tour your family around each other’s rooms and play games based on the theme of the movie/TV series. 

Remember that the main goal is to have a stress-free weekend. Enjoy every crazy fun activity even more with Nissin Pork Tonkotsu! Keep your pantry stocked by purchasing them at your nearest Robinsons Supermarket or shop conveniently through Laugh your heart out and have a memorable weekend with Nissin.

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